Facts of life

“Arogya parama labha
santutthi paramam dhanam
1 nati
nibbanam paramam sukham.”

Health is the greatest gift, Contentment is the greatest wealth, a trusted Friend is the best relative, Nibbana is the greatest bliss.
(Dhammapada Verse 204  Pasenadikosala Vatthu)

I salute Buddhism as a philosophy to explain the reality of nature and a religion to inspire you to achieve greater heights. However I do not select my friends based on cast, creed or religion.  They are man made barriers, preventing interaction and forgetting the greater harmony.


A carrot dissolves when boiled,  an egg sends bad fumes, coffee beans spread good odour. Like coffee beans, a one with resilience spreads good will when intimidated. (Ajahn Kalyano, Chief Monk, Bodhivana Monastry, situated 100km towards east of Melbourne CBD)

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