Doctoral studies are general as accepted as a seldom without social interactions, where the individual is confined to a desk and do research. It is worthwhile to consider whether it is so. In the latest trend, with network computers, social networks on the go. When a personal computer linked to the external world extensively with broadband and instant communication tools such as Skype and Facebook, it will not be easy to a person to stay away from the real world. That is the basic assumption. However, who has thought as it is not the case.

In reality, no research is worthwhile unless it is communicated to the world. The research get peer-reviewed, subject to blatant criticism to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the researcher. The researcher or the student strives hard to get the research published by addressing the reviewer’s comments be in line with his views on his research. That gives mandatory need of a researcher.


Dr Robert Kearns

Fig.1 : Prof. Robert Kearns with his intermittent windscreen wiper

Doctoral career starts with finding a research problem and attending to it. The research problem needs to be unique and in the marketing sense, a hot topic of the time so that the researcher gets the ability to publish his work without much stress as the topic is hot. It then comes the time to produce his research material and the paper to be submitted to a journal or a conference. The submission can be a presentation, paper or a poster.  The paper or the research outcome resembles a product in a manufacturing company. The product becomes his lifeline where the research needs to give enough publicity. Unlike a product, the research outcome undergoes a rigorous peer review at least by three experts in the field. The experts sometimes can be ones from other areas as well. Then analyse the paper into bits and pieces and send the outcome, whether it is ready to be send the research market.  The companies in the field can pick the research outcome and produce an actual product such as the case of a windscreen wiper blade mechanisms of Prof. Robert Kearns in the movie ‘Flash of Genius’.  If the product is right and catches the eyes of the public. The researcher can be a one who is rich and famous.

While pursuing the PhD, the researcher needs to publish or create posters for international conference where different types of researchers from different cultures attend. It is a multi market mix in terms of marketing. The researcher needs to grab the attention of the reader at the short possible pace of time.

A poster is similar to a bill board or an advertisement, in which marketer is trying the get the attention of the reader. The researcher achieves prominence if can publish the new research product in the a reputed conference proceedings or a journal. That contributes to the outcome  of the PhD.

Marketing & PhD

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