1. Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga Campus PhD Supervision
  2. KnowledgeHut Python Programming (Nine hour 101 session)
  3. The University of Melbourne Tutoring
    1. Advanced Business Analytics
    2. Database Systems and Information Modelling
    3. Design of Algorithms
    4. Web Technologies
  4. MLCC: Students
    1. David Bottomley (IT in PhD Studies), AMSRS founding member
    2. Tegan: Web Development for Public Administration
    3. Lasantha: Associate Degree in Computer
    4. James: Design of Algorithms
    5. Stacey: Web Development for Teaching
    6. Moses (6 year old) Science basics, programming with Lego RCX Brick
  5. Brainmass Inc
    1. Computer Science
    2. Business Studies
    3. Mathematics & Statistics
    4. Physics
    5. Java (Cheryl P)
  6. University of Melbourne, Bachelor Science/Bachelor of Computer Science Project Supervision
  7. Holmesglen TAFE: Java Tutor
  8. University of Colombo School Computing, Bachelor of Information Technology Project: Madura (Distinction Pass)
  9. NBRO, Organiser/Lecturer (Database Management, CAD, Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Introduction to Computers)
  10. University of Manchester: Final Year Group Project using JAD, CRM
  11. Chartered Institute of Financial Accountants, Sri Lanka: Project Management
  12. Fr Preme, University of London: Compiler Construction
  13. St Peters College, Computer Literacy Program for School Leavers

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