1. Orders & Shopping Cart
  2. Spinzi (WordPress/PHP with Plug-ins)
  3. Hellen Dell (WordPress/PHP)
  4. Aussie Drain (Frontpage with extensions)
  5. UniSyd TT  (Basic HTML/CSS)
  6. UniSyd Press (JScript, Filemaker & Peoplesoft Database backend)
  7. UniSyd Physics People (JScript, Filemaker Database Backend with scripting)
  8. TRCSL Site
  9. ComEdge (more than 60 sites including myEyes)

New Sites

  1. Drinc (HTML/CSS)
  2. Baby Cheremy (HTML/CSS)
  3. Moodle, Invoice, Front Accounting, Classified, Collaborate Project Management, Chat, Help Desk Support and other Open Source sites (Ask for a demo)

Supervised (Students)

  1.  Vic Elections Site (Simple site in WordPress with  Video and Voting)
  2.  Diagnose-Me (includes Machine Learning, Image Matching and a complex carousel)

Web Projects

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