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German technology giant SAP has credited a 166 per cent surge in Australian revenue from its cloud computing services, and a 70 per cent hike in the number of Australian enterprises using its software-as-a-service products, on its decision to circumvent data sovereignty concerns by investing in local data centres. (Source: Financial Review)

"Business need to have a Purpose, an Eco system, a Conscious culture, Conscious Leadership" Craig Davis, Adjunct Professor, UTS at SAP ALL CLOUD CONNECT CONFERENCE, 17th June.

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    What happens in an Internet minute? Today, the number of networked devices is equal to the global population. By 2015, the number of networked devices will be twice the global population. .
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    Big data represents an opportunity for analysts and data scientists to gain greater insight and to make more informed decisions, but it also presents a number of challenges. Big data sets may not fit into available memory, may take too long to process, or may stream too quickly to store. Standard algorithms are usually not designed to process big data sets in reasonable amounts of time or memory. There is no single approach to big data. Therefore, MATLAB provides a number of tools to tackle these challenges.

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